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Pt. Sur Lighthouse - 2nd Investigation                   Pt. Sur, California



Below are some of the audio clips we were able to capture during our investigations - as always, we want you to listen and let us know what you think.  Send us an e-mail or a note on Facebook or Twitter and we're glad to hear from you!





We were all sitting on the third floor of the Triplex House when we captured a male spirit who wasn't too thrilled we were making so much commotion.

This is a relevant and intelligent statement from a female spirit that was with us as we moved through the Tri-plex. You can hear Olivia repeat the same words after the spirit says them....

Julie was conducting an EVP session using a K2 meter in the living room of the Lightkeepers home. You can see it respond to Julie even before she can get the words out. She has a phenomenal connection with the spirits that reside there at Pt. Sur.

We were in the Blacksmith's shop when we started getting some responses to our questions. There were a few comments from a male spirit that weren't super clear, but then this was said...Based on this and from our last visit - something likes its privacy in the Blacksmith's shop!

As always, we had an amazing time and we are already looking forward to our next visit to the Pt. Sur Lighthouse!! But don't take our word for it - go see it for yourselves! Until next time - Cheers!



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