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Rancho Dominguez Adobe

This was a great surprise investigation and we thank our friend Joe Hawley for the invitation and opportunity to investigate a location with great California historical significance. Coming back from our trip to Virginia City, this was a wonderful chance for us to continue investigating. 


Some history behind the Adobe - it is a California State Historic Landmark. Completed in 1826, Rancho Dominguez Adobe was the site of an American soldier encampment during the American-Mexican War. The Battle of Dominguez Rancho was fought a very short distance from the building itself. 











The Building was orignially built by Juan Jose Dominguez and was inherited by Cristobal Dominguez. Cristobal's eldest son, Manuel took over the property after his father's passing. Manuel and his wife, had 8 children total. Two sons died in their early 20s. Out of the remaining six daughters, only three were young enough to be considered marrying age. the lineage continues to this day through the Carson, Del Amo and Watson families.


Besides being a museum and historical landmark, the property was deeded to the Claretain order in 1922 by the two remaining daughters - Susana Del Amo and Reyes Dominguez. By 1924, the Claretains were using the home as a graduate school and then a seminary for their members. Currently, it's being used as a retirement home for Claretain priests. Both daughters, as recognition for their generosity, were buried in a crypt beneath the alter of the main Chapel.



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