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Silver City Ghost Town                                          Bodfish, California

Which brings us to our evidence page - we wanted to start off with some of the light abnormalities that were caught during the evening. Being outdoors, the EVPs weren't as clear but, there were quite a few vocalizations that we captured on our devices as well as hearing with our own ears in real time.  As always, we love to hear your feedback, your stories and places that you've been to and have had experiences at. Reach out to us through our e-mail here on the website, on Facebook - Ghost Watch Paranormal, Twitter @gwparanormal or Instagram @ghostwatchparanormal.

Here we see a bright light lift up from Olivia and drift away in a swirling sort of motion. 

This clip shows a light anomaly shooting towards Johnny's shoulder. Watch as the light disappears into his shoulder and doesn't fly around Johnny.

Below is a great piece of evidence that Andrew caught while taking some atmospheric photos around the buildings. We want to point out  the work boots down by the wooden planks. There's an amazing amount of detail on the photo that even surprises us.  It's also a good reminder to have people review your evidence. We try to make sure our team listens to every EVP and looks over any photos or videos that we put out before posting.

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We had an amazing time at the Silver City Ghost Town and hope you get a chance to learn more about the town and its history - check out their Facebook page and their website: We hope you take the time to venture out there, meet Jay and Izzy and take one of their fantastic night time lantern tours through the town. Thank you again for stopping by and checking out our site - we really appreciate it! Cheers and on to the next adventure!

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