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The Paranormal Comm - Unity

WOW! Is pretty much the word that sums up the past week for us. When you start something new - it feels like you're the turkey a week before Thanksgiving. Every time you stick your neck out, you half expect the axe to fall. We never imagined Ghost Watch Paranormal would catch on as well as it has. And, honestly - it comes down to you - the paranormal community. Don't get us wrong, our friends and family are on here mainly because of unrelenting harassment on our parts. But, for the most part, it's really friendly people reaching out to "virtually" shake our hand and introduce themselves.

What caught us off-guard is the overwhelming sense of support and community other investigators have shown us, not only nationally but across the world as well. People who take the time to "Like" a Facebook page or "Follow" on Twitter - it seems so small; but believe me, it means the world to know someone out there cared enough to reach out. We've seen hundreds of sites with investigators doing their thing and rocking it. No one was bashing other groups - or their postings - to make themselves look better. Nobody needs to step on someone else to make themselves look taller. Do your thing. Do it to the best of your abilities with passion and hunger.

Some of our friends, who we look up to in the paranormal community, reached out to send us messages of encouragement and support. That meant the world to us. We won't let you down! And we really meant it when we said we're looking forward to meeting as many other investigators as we can on our road trips and seeing some of the amazing places you get to investigate. We want to be a part of that paranormal network and share our experiences and learn from yours.

So enough with the THANK YOUs - let's turn off the lights and get busy....

Wait, what?!

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