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S. S. Lane Victory                                                San Pedro, California

We were given access to special "behind the scenes" areas to investigate. These are the areas that most people usually do not have the opportunity to see during the public tours.


At times, especially in the lowest level, I felt completely isolated and nervous in the darkness. I don't like heights, but was happy to climb up that ladder to get out of there!

The shaft corridor. When we were explained what would happen here in this tunnel, we were all a little horrified. If the ship woudl take on water, the one door would seal the two shipmen inside of the tunnel. The only escape was up a ladder at the far end of the hall.


We had some pretty interesting EVP sessions here that night. We hope we caught the sounds of a girl singing at one point. We'll add that EVP in if we caught it!


This storage area towards the back of this ship gave our group the most visual activity. I've never seen so many shadows move around us during an investigation. I felt better knowing that a few other trusted people were seeing the same sort of activity as I was.


We'll add in the audio files if we catch anything from these sessions!

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