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Star of India                                                            San Diego, California


At one point, when we were all gathered together conducting an EVP session, we must have gotten someone's attention. It started with some loud authoritative knocks. We started hearing footsteps on the deck above us. Then, we started to hear things moving on the same level we were on further off in the darkness. A few of us actually heard a ladies voice almost as if she was there among our group.






The most epic part of this session was the extremely LOUD bangs we heard in response to some questioning. It grabbed all of our attention. Scott, a member of CPPI and I headed upstairs to see if anyone was up there messing around or what had fallen. We found nothing. Certainly nothing that could explain such a loud response. To me, it sounded like heavy rope being dropped or thrown across some crates.


It was a phenomenal night and such a different experience investigating on a ship (besides the Queen Mary...) Great to investigate with old friends, making new friends and hopefully capturing some great evidence.


We'll post some of our audio and video clips to share with you in a few days!


And, of course, it wouldn't be an adventure at sea without the threat of Mutiny! No worries, everyone made it back to shore safe and sound. 
We're ready for our next adventure and investigation! Fall and Winter will be busy! We hope to see you out on the road! 
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