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We ventured down deeper into the ship to see what hidden mysteries lurked in the shadows below deck. We had some of the best times exploring expiriencing everything the Star of India had to offer us. Both Kevin and Johnny rode this ancient trolley system that you have to lay down and pull yourself under the bottom floor of the ship with only inches above your head. Majorly claustrophic! But, like the epic adventurers that they are, they went the entire length and did an EVP session on the other end of the ship. We'll post up some photos and videos of this for you to see.


Another thing that was incredible was the all encompassing sounds of someone popping bubble packing wrap that filled the air. It never stopped the entire time we were on the ship. When you're below the main deck, on the bottom level, it's all you can hear. But, it's not the angry ghosts of movers, it's actually snapping shrimp hitting the hull of the ship. Those must be some angry shrimp! So bring a big net and some butter and garlic when you do book an investigation! 

Star of India                                                            San Diego, California


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