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The Zalud House                                                    Porterville, California

Once we settled in, we went upstairs. Most of our time there in the house was spent on the second floor. We felt the most energy upstairs, specifically
Annie's bedroom. Pictured on the right.
We set up in the hallway to get a sense of which room or area would be the most active. 
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One of the reasons we might have been drawn to Annie's bedroom is this chair. 
This was the chair that Annie's husband, William Hubert Brooks was shot in 1917 at the Pioneer Hotel - and yes, the bullet hole is still there.



This was the heaviest room in the house for us that evening. Again, keep in mind that the home is a museum of the Zalud family. Many of their personal artifacts are there in the home and presented as if they were still living there. The main thing to keep in mind is to be respectful of everything in that home.


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