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Warner Grand Theater Two                             San Pedro, California


As before, we felt that the downstairs area by the bathrooms was the most active. There was definitely a change in the air as we started to do EVPs. During one session, one of our guests, Francine felt her hair being tugged by something - she was sitting in a chair by herself with her back against a wall when this happened. So, needless to say, she was a little unnerved - but that's when things really started to become active.


Usually, we find that once something starts - activity will kick up like a wave and then settle back down again during an investigation. Activity happens in waves or cycles, and like a surfer sitting all alone in a vast ocean - you just have to be patient sometimes to get a great set. 

After Francine let us know that her hair felt pulled, we felt the room come alive. Suddenly, the energy spiked up and we were catching and seeing light anomalies move around the room, from bathroom to bathroom. Here, we have a solid catch as a light anomaly moves around Olivia and then past Kevin. 

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