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Warner Grand Theater                                  San Pedro, California

Here are some of the more stronger samples of EVPs that we captured at the Warner Grand Theater. As always, it's much easier to listen to them with headphones on or turning up the volume on your speakers. There were many, many more responses to our questions that were either too subtle or unclear. Enjoy and let us know what you think!



The first clip is one of some singing we caught off nearby. There was no music, radios, headphones, or cell phones that would have generated these sounds.It was audible as a few of us react to that voice.

Nothing beats hearing your name called out during an investigation. Here's a clip of Johnny getting called out again. This is the second investigation in a row where his name is called out.

This clip is an example of a spirit being present in the moment and understanding the conversations going on around. It's a direct statement meant as a reply to our questioning.


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