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Warnors Center for the Performing Arts                                   Fresno, California                        

Our friends at Paranormal Movement Investigations (PMI) were really great to extend to us an invitation to help them out with a public investigation at this historic location. We went up there not knowing a whole lot about the venue and its history and wanted to experience what energies were there in the moment with out any kind of prejudice. What happened that night, no one on the team was prepared for. It was very physical and very interactive with us during several EVP sessions. 

Warnors Theatre is an historic theater located in downtown Fresno, California. The 2,000-seat venue opened in 1928 as the Pantages Theater, after the name of its then owner, Alexander Pantages, and later, the Warner Theater in 1929 after it was purchased by Warner Brothers. The name was changed again in the 1960s to "Warnors" to avoid trademark issues. Despite being steeped in history, the Warnors Center for the Performing Arts is still a vital part of the community and is home to concerts, amazing movie nights and special events.

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