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Washoe Club                                                      Virginia City, Nevada


On this page, we'll go through some photos that we thought might have captured some interesting things. As always, we want to hear from you and what you have to say!






The Top Left Hand Photo - this was the first image taken with a digital camera.


The Top Right Hand Photo - was snapped a few seconds after the first.


The Bottom Left Hand Photo is a close up down the hallway.


The Bottom Right Hand Photo is the close up of the second photo.


Beyond the "orb" you can see a white streak across the bottom of the doorway and slightly more "misty" as well. 

Below are two photos that Kevin snapped with his Full Spectrum Digital CameraAn interesting photo from our Virginia City trip. We were across the street in the basement of a building that the new owner of the Washoe Club purchased as well. He was telling us he's had some very extreme paranormal activity over there. He gave us a quick tour of the building and while we were in the basement. Kevin was snapping photos with his full spectrum camera. He came across this image with a grey looking mass coming from behind a support beam. And there's a comparison shot as well. 

Andrew was snapping pictures throughout both days. Here, we were leaving out the back after playing a little hide and seek with one of the kid spirits. Something made him turn around to take one last photo for the night.


Below that is the close up of the image we are all wondering about. It might be a case of paradolgia - but to us it looks like the little boy looking for Andrew, Olivia, Jessica and Johnny as they left. Let us know what you think!


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