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Washoe Club                                                      Virginia City, Nevada

And now, on to some evidence we caught on this investigation.....

Now, I've had my name called out to me a few times already on investigation but this was the first time I was called an ass. I was standing alone at the top of the stairs when this happened.


Nice spin transitions too Kevin BTW!

During our walk through, we heard a lot about a more aggressive spirit on the Third Floor what they are now calling the Red Room. It's not the Suicide Room towards the back. He's known for slamming the door and causing some raucus up there.


During several EVP sessions, we were catching a lot of talk back from this spirit. This one stood out as odd, since the message we were getting didn't sound like it would come from an older gentlemen. Let us know what you think....

This clip is a really good catch by Kevin. You can hear Olivia react to what something going on around her. 

In this clip, we were setting up and spreading out around the Third Floor with someone in each of the doorways to see if we can get some responses throughout the floor rather than just one room. Here, Johnny is called out as he was the most vocal of the group at this point and time. 

Here's another great audio clip from our investigation at the Washoe Club! Here, we were spread out around the third floor. One of the spirits didn't want the others to reach out to us. 

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