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Yuma Territorial Prison                                                      Yuma, Arizona


The rest of the evening was spent dividing our time between different cells throughout the property. While at times we would feel something in a cell with us, those moments were fleeting like quicksilver. One of the cells captured our attention - Cell #14 - there, we felt something trying to push through to us. The story of the inmate in Cell #14, who allegedly committed suicide is fascinating and deserves some further investigation. Jack Ryan was an inmate in the early 1900s, who was imprisoned for "Crimes against Nature." He wasn't liked by the other prisoners and the guards. One day, he allgedly hanged himself in his cell. His death interigues us and we hope to go back and focus on his life - and death. 

At the end of the weekend, we had an amazing time there in Yuma. We investigated an incredible location and met some of the most wonderful people in the paranormal community - and, we hope to keep in contact with all of them! If you;ve ever wanted to take a peek into the world of the paranormal, keep an eye out for a paracon in your area. Do your research though and make sure it's put on by legitimate people. You'll have an amazing time! On to the next adventure - Cheers!

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