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Yuma Territorial Prison - Additional EVP Clips              Yuma, Arizona


Here are some new EVPs that Johnny caught during our time there at the Yuma Territorial Prison. We're always going through our evidence and excited to be able to share new clips with you whenever we can!

On the clip above, we hear a female voice calling out for "energy" after Johnny asks if anyone touched his arm.

It's amazing when we can catch a full sentence on an EVP. Here. it's extremely relevant as we were in the Dark Cell conducting a session with a few other friends from the conference. If you listen closely, you can make out a slight drawl/accent in the voice.

With the above clip, we have an intelligent response to a question that Paul poses inside of Cell 14, where John Ryan hanged himself. After this, we definitely want to go back to investigate further!

Here in this clip above, we get to hear a spirit call out to Kevin - we were investigating the individual cells located along the main exterior corridor to the Prison. 

In this last clip, you can make out the accent of the man speaking under us. It's a little tricky but you can hear it clearer on the second pass on the video.

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