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                                         It's all about the adventure.....

This adventure has been amazing. We've been fortunate to explore to so many different locations, rich with history and lore.  Having a sense of adventure means life.  You want to experience what the world offers you. And discover what it hides from you. Adventure constantly reminds you constantly that you don't know everything. Adventure means you want to be surprised, shocked and alive. Even in the world of the dead.

We started in 2012 with an investigation at the Lincoln Heights Jail on a rainy Halloween night and have never looked back. We've been to so many incredible locations, met some of the most wonderful people in our paranormal community and have had opportunities that only a few other paranormal teams can say.​ 

In 2023, we launched the Ghost Watch Academy. We're still working out the details; but we had fun talking and teaching some amazing people interested in the paranormal. We wanted to provide information, resources and references to a new group of paranormal investigators. Why not share all the information we've collected and experienced over the years with everyone. We hope to continue with in-person classes; but might create videos to post on YouTube or a Patreon page. 


We're excited to see so much renewed interest in the paranormal here in Los Angeles and Southern California and hope we can help unite the different teams and investigators to better network information and sources. The strengthening in our community is the sharing of information and knowledge. Not gatekeeping it.  Now in 2024, we're going to start coming out of our "shell" a little bit more and opening up some content and sharing even more of our experiences from our investigations. We have some fun things planned!


From 2012 - 

This the first step on our adventure. We're not sure where this will take us; but, we know we are going to enjoy the ride. 


From 2024 - 

The passion for the adventure is still strong in our hearts. We're proud of every step we've taken and hope each new step leads to something incredible. 

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