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Behind the Scenes

Malibu Gun and Rod Club Videos


Our friends Hayden and Chris were helping us develop a new paranormal show we were pitching out to production companies. They were able to secure us an exclusive location to investigate - the historic Malibu Gun and Road Club. It's been closed for years and was scheduled to be torn down that next week. 

Hayden and Chris are the best - they worked with us and allowed us to investigate the way we wanted to for a show. Alone, no camera crew and no production with the potential for contaminating evidence. This was such an amazing and valuable learning experience for the team to have a working understanding of production and how we have to step our game up in order for us to take the next step up.

Here's the footage from that night. And previously unreleased footage from the "wrap up" show that they were proposing to support the main show with social media. 

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