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Behind the Scenes

When Ghost Watch Paranormal started, we knew it would be a long journey. A lot of hours prepping for investigations, late nights investigating and hours afterwards sifting through all of the evidence. We were lucky when we found each other. Things clicked. We quickly bonded from friends to family. It's just strange how you meet people in life that you were just meant to meet.  


For us, we believe that the energy you have as a group directly affects the environment. Good energy creates an open, welcoming light that helps attract other energies to you. There has to be balance in what we do. With the darkness, has to come the light. Laughter is the quickest way to shake off bad energy and fatigue. And we laugh. A lot. 


Anyway, we wanted to open up and share some more personal photos and videos of the team, our friends and new friends we've made along the way here in this section. Ghost Watch Paranormal is not just about the evidence - it's about the experience - it's about the adventure. We love what we do. We love the people we do this with. We'll be updating this section as often as possible so please come on back! Cheers!



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