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Aztec Hotel                                                                       Monrovia, California

This location was one of our grails for several years and we attempted several times to reach out to the new owners who were busy remodeling the Hotel. It was exciting when we spoke with our good friend Craig Owens, the author of Haunted by History, volume 1 who mentioned he had a connection there at the Aztec with the new owners. 
Side note: It's an amazing book, buy a copy of you can and check Craig out on any one of his brilliant lectures on local history and haunts. The amount of research he delivers is staggering and he puts the truth about the legends and stories of so many paranormal locations out on the table. So buy his book and check out one of his speaking engagements!
It was a dream to walk into that location and see if for ourselves. The building's facade is unmistakable. The Lobby and the murals throughout the Hotel are breathtaking. It was inspiring to see all of the work that was being put into the Aztec to bring it back to life. I'm hoping that one day, we might have another chance to actually investigate the Aztec Hotel with our team. 


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