The road calls to us.

We love venturing to new locations as well as revisiting some properties that we've felt connected to. The following links are a listing of some of the places that we've investigated or explored over the years. Please click on the button to wander through each location.


We're excited to know this journey will never stop for us. 


There's a whole world beyond our world to explore. Time to pack up and head out....

Amargosa Hotel and Opera House

Bilingual Foundation for the Arts - Lincoln Heights Jail #1

Bobby Mackey's Music World

Doctor's House and Brand Library

Evergreen Cemetery

Fairfield State Hospital

Glen Tavern Inn


Goldfield Hotel

Graber Olive House

Graber Olive House 2

Hanford, California


Heritage Junction

Horrorworld Haunt

Howe-Waffle House

La Purisima Mission

Los Angeles Theater

Letchworth Village

Linda Vista Hospital

Los Coches Adobe

Mackay Mansion Museum

Malibu Gun Club

Miner's Cabin

Mystic Museum

Napa Valley

Oman House

Oxford Hotel

Pasadena Playhouse

Patterson House Museum

Pine Street Saloon

Point Vicente Lighthouse

Pt. Sur Lighthouse 1

Pt. Sur Lighthouse 2

Pt. Sur Lighthouse 3

The Queen Mary

Rancho Dominguez Adobe


Rockhaven Sanitorium

Silver City Ghost Town

S.S. Lane Victory

St. James Hotel

Stanley Hotel

Star of India

Tonopah, Nevada


Vogue Theater

Virginia City

Warner Brothers Studios

Warner Grand Theater #1

Warner Grand Theater #2

Warnors Theater

Warren Occult Museum

Washoe Club

Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Yuma Territorial Prison

The Zalud House