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The Serendipity                                                Montrose, Kentucky





This was our first investigation on our second trip to Louisville Kentucky. Kevin and Anthony packed four investigations into one week. We had some incredible locations on the schedule, so it was nice to start off with an investigation to help someone concerned with buying a property.  The Serendipity has rumors around it about it being haunted and it started to reach potential buyers for the business. A friend of Kevin's asked if we would check it out and see if we would be able to find out anything. 

It was the perfect night to do the investigation. The town itself is quaint and quiet after a certain hour, so there wasn't any worries about noise contamination for our recordings. That is, until the train came through. Real, honest to God train tracks run down the center of the street in front of the Serendipity. Local townspeople were telling us how trucks had to be careful how they parked along the street when the train comes by. 

It was awesome watching a huge train literally whisk by maybe 20 feet from where you were standing inside of the building. Needless to say, the investigation was on hold when ever  a train came through. Beyond that, we did our first attempt at the Estes Experiment which we've seen on Hellier and on Kindred Spirits. After conducting a few attempts with the Estes Experiment, we can say it is phenomenal. But, very draining on your energy.

We had some great responses and interactions there at the Serendipity. Was there anything that gave us a cause to worry about the next owners of the property. Not really. But we did feel there are energies there - especially children that run around the second floor. We're excited to see how our investigations progress by adding in the Estes Experiment to our bag of tricks. 


Just a fun bonus video of us accidentally scaring some kids walking by as we watched the train run right through the main street. 

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