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Miner's Cabin, Gold Hill Hotel and Saloon           Gold Hill, Nevada


This visit to the Miner's Cabin was a challenge for myself. I was very much on the fence of whether or not to stay here - especially by myself. The last time I spent the night here, I was woken up by fists pounding my back. That experience shook me up quite a bit, so I was a bit hesitant to see what would happen being a bit vulnerable to whatever might be there. 

So when the opportunity came up - thanks to Com-Con 6 in Virginia City - I had to accept what Fate presented to me. Thankfully, only a few instances of activity on Friday night - lots of movement from the back bedroom (I did not sleep in that room as it was not the most welcoming of feelings back there) and one morning, the locked doors to the front and back parts of the cabin where actually unlocked and opened. That was a little unnerving to say the least. But it is an amazing and unique location to stay in while in Virginia City and to investigate while you are there. 







photo nov 09 2023, 2 31 26 pm.jpg
photo nov 09 2023, 5 59 19 pm.jpg
photo nov 09 2023, 5 58 28 pm.jpg
photo nov 09 2023, 3 12 16 pm.jpg
photo nov 09 2023, 3 11 53 pm.jpg
photo nov 09 2023, 3 13 01 pm.jpg
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