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American Legion Hall                                                                Hollywood, California

We've investigate the American Legion Hall with our friends at LA Paranormal. It's located on Highland Avenue just South of the Hollywood Bowl. We've driven by this location hundreds of times and had no idea of the amazing architecture and history sitting right there.
It's an amazing venue with some great Hollywood history. Stanley Kubrick filmed some additional shots of the bar area for The Shining on the lower level.  They do really remarkable charity work for our Veterans and their families here and embrace their service and sacrifice. 
And yes, in addition to the Hollywood aspect to the Hall, it's also haunted. Depending on who you speak with, they'll tell you stories about the deaths that have occurred there at the Post. The most well known legend is that of the property manager, Marshall who had a massive stroke in the stairwell. He passes away at the hospital and not on-site. But, there are more stories of people who did die on site. 
The most actively we came across was surprisingly in the ladies room on the second floor balcony. We were conducting an EVP session using a K-II meter that was responding intelligently to us and confirming yes and no questions. I had the pleasure of coming back here for a work assignment and loved walking through the halls again. We would love to come back - especially now that they've remodeled parts of the auditorium. 


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