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Heritage Junction                                                                           Newhall, California

We caught some EVPs from that session, but nothing sharp and clear enough to add to the site. After we wrapped up our time in the Train Depot, we moved over to the Pardee House.
Bridget was telling us how a female investigator was attacked by something there at the house. At the time, the investigator was questioning the origins of some old typerwriters that appeared there one day at the Junction. We were excited to jump in and see what we could discover. 


After a few EVP sessions, we didn't catch any responses to our questions. Again, the energy was there with us, it just wasn't communicating.

We ended our investigation at the Heritage House. This is where so many people, including Bridget and Linda are nervous to be alone. There have been numerous reports of people being attacked or harassed while there. One of our groups had very aggressive voices towards a female friend through the Spirit Box in the attic area. 
We didn't catch anything through EVPs or on camera in the Heritage House, but it is definitely one of the most atmospheric locations that I've been to. And, I can't wait to go back!
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