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For anyone who hasn't been to the Miner's Cabin, it's managed by the folks at the Gold Hill Hotel. You have to make reservations through their website and to check the dates. It's on their property, but not attached to the main hotel. Which makes it perfect for investigating as it's seperate from the rest of the guests!


The most infamous part of its history is back in 1873, there was a horrible accidental fire in the nearby Yellow Jacket Mine. And, yes. The mine is literally steps away from the door into the Miner's Cabin.


The miners would use the cabin, the change, shower or sleep after long shifts in the tunnels below the town. The interior is a lot nicer than what we had imagined. One Bedroom/Living Room with a double bed - more on that later and a futon couch. There's a kitchenette with a small dining table there. The only awkward thing is that there are two bathrooms that attached by doors that don't lock. You find out who your friends are quickly. Then, there is the back bedroom. There were six of us and that was cozy for sure.





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