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Pt. Sur Lighthouse - 2nd Investigation                      Pt. Sur, California



The Pt. Sur Lighthouse is one of our favorite places to go. It's completely unique as it's remote from any other living people when you are alone up there invesitgating. It sits atop volcanic rock nearly completely surrounded by the Pacific Ocean. It's rugged and beautifual all in the same breath. Add to that the chance to see our friends, Julie Nunez and Monica Judd-Powell who are docents on the property and are the living encycolpedia on all things Pt. Sur. Two of the nicest ladies you will ever want to meet and it brings a smile remembering their laughs while we were sitting in complete darkness waiting for something to happen.



The first bit of luck was where we were able to stay at while we were at the Lighthouse. There was a cabin located only 5 minues away from the lighthouse - you can see Pt. Sur from where we were staying. It was that close. The property itself has is own haunted history - the owner explained that the property was a meeting place between two rival Native American tribes that lived in the area. Very spiritual. Over the year, the land has claimed a few people to suicide - whether that's coincidence or influence - we'll never be sure of. 



We never had a bad feeling in the house. It was very comfortable and welcoming and we were extremely lucky and grateful to not have to drive an hour on winding roads at 2am. Here are a few photos of this tranquil home....the next time we come up, we hope to be able to stay the weekend there and do a little investigating with the owner



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