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Rancho Dominguez Adobe

Now, to the investigation. We focused a bit of time in the Formal Sitting Room/Seance Room. We heard a few odd things in the other rooms while doing our EVPs. As of this moment, we are still reviewing all of our audio and video. A preliminary scan through Johnny's recorder gave us hope that we might have caught something. As soon as we can listen and verify this, we'll post up whatever evidence we come across for you to listen and let us know what you think!




Creepy Dolls - again....

It wouldn't be a Ghost Watch Paranormal investigation without a creepy doll. These are the actual dolls that the Dominguez daughters played with back in the day. The four of them almost outnumbered us!

The Rancho Adobe Chapel

Another amazing fact about the Rancho Dominguez Adobe is that they have a Vatican sanctioned Chapel built in the center of this home. The Vatican as a gesture of their approval, sent over a portrait of Saint Peter which still hangs on the walls of the Chapel. It was a functioning place of worship and held services on Sundays and for special occasions - baptisms, etc. 

Maria Dominguez' Bedroom

Maria gave birth to her children. Later in life, Manuel Dominguez would pass away in this very bed. 

It was a fantastic trip and adventure for us to be a part of and again, we are so grateful for Joe to have invited us! Please keep checking back as we will update this location with any evidence that we come across. Cheers!

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