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Vogue Theater at the SupperClub                       Hollywood, California          

For the first time ever, we went in with a new piece of equipment that we are so excited to be using on investigations now. It's a 360/VR camera. This allows us and YOU the ability to see what we see and to track any anomalies that you might catch on these videos. 


We are thrilled that we caught something this night and are able to use the 360 footage to debunk any other physical causes for this manifestation. This is about 100% transparency - the ability to look around and see what might have cause that sound, that orb or light anomaly.We can finally get rid of the "what was that?!" moments on investigations and you can see what we see and hear while we are at these locations. 


The first clip is one we caught during an EVP session in the Golden Box space. You can see Johnny turn and react to something coming through the doorway behind him. This forms appears and then disappears as our friend Kelly walks towards it. 

Now, below, we have some of the 360 footage that Kelly captured on this investigation. If you fast forward to around 5:11; you can see where this video syncs up with the video you just watched.


Turn the camera and follow Kelly as she walks past you.

You can hear Johnny ask if the portal is still open. That's just before the light anomaly manifests.

You can look down the hallway or around on the floor for anything or anyone that could have caused that. 


With this camera, there is no light anomaly. What we caught floating into the room was only captured with our IR cameras.


Load this clip up onto your phone or use your mouse and move your phone around like goggles or your mouse around to look around the room. You can see there were no flashlights, no reflections and no one standing around the corner smoking a cigarette to create the form that manifested.





Look around, up or down - you're literally standing in the Golden Box with us. As we said in the very first line of this website - it's all about the adventure and now, you are a part of it too!  We're still experimenting with the technology but, wanted to be the first group to actually use it during an investigation. And as you can see, it's already been a huge success from the start.


We want to give a HUGE shout out to Ivan and Kelly with for their support and help in making this all become a reality for us. And for Kelly who was braver than the guys when it came time to explore the building. 


Cheers - we THANK YOU for your continued support and always love to hear back from you. Tell us what you think about the 360 techonology and if this helps us in the paranormal community!

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