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Washoe Club                                                        Virginia City, Nevada


It was the first time to the Washoe Club for quite a few of us, so it was amazing to see it through new eyes again. The snow just seemed to freeze everything in time while we were there. Since it was also our first time booking the venue itself, we were able to get a tour from one of the guides before settling in for the night. 


I learned quite a bit from the tour - regarding some of the history and potential spirits that might still walk those rooms. He was also nice enough to show us an AMAZING photo of a girl taking a selfie with a woman's spirit in period garb standing behind her. It really blows your mind when you seen it. 


Friday Night was fairly quiet for us. It seems it takes us a day to get the spirits used to our energies. We had a few things of note, but Saturday ended up being much more active. 

The new owner is starting to bring in pieces from the Millionaire's Club history to display them in the Washoe Club. There were several different rooms that had these antiques in them. A vintage doll in a rocking chair - always has to be a creepy doll with our investigations. Various portraits and personal items and alos, the card table with original chairs in the poker room located on the second floor. What kind of energy would these new elements bring in to the environment? Time will tell....

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